Jan 28, 2010

color challenge

ready for a challenge?
today find something you are grateful for that is full of color.
a little thing that is bright and cheery.

here is mine:
my pot of colored pencils always make me smile

can't wait to hear what you discover today!


  1. My daughter's curly Q hair ties. :)

  2. Definitely my scrapbooking paper! So many colours and patterns to choose from, it's wonderful.
    Stacey K

  3. My new painting!!! Love it and all the color. Janetc1215

  4. The birds that live in the trees around my house. I think they are coming back to nest agin this year. I have seen bluejays and cardinals this week. It was unexpected. It's Jan. in Cleveland.

  5. My ink pad holder on my desk, all of the colors lined up so pretty. It also holds spools of ribbons, seeing the ribbon hanging there along next to the ink pads makes me feel good, smile and want to create.