Jan 19, 2010

don't worry

have you missed a few days in your little things project?
maybe you have forgotten to take a few pictures, or jot down a few notes...
well guess what,

don't worry!

the great thing about this project is you can't get behind.
it doesn't matter if you miss a few days,
just pick up and start again at your own pace.
maybe it's a
picture a day...
or a picture a week....
or a picture a month....

don't worry
enjoy the little things

that being said....
i apologize for missing a few days on this blog.
my computer problems are over and i will be back
sharing the little things with you regularly.

come back tomorrow for
wordart wednesday!


  1. I'm a late bloomer!! I just logged in to the blog for the first time today, and I was so excited about this project, Im going to start right now! My first picture will be this blog to show where the inspiration started! Thanx for the great idea :-)