Jan 26, 2010

outside inspiration

looking for inspiration?
open your front door.
document the little things that make your january days bright!

these bright berries in my yard bring a
pop of color and a smile to my face.

what is your outside inspiration?


  1. Every time we step outside my two-year-old sneaks a mouthful of snow. We keep telling him not to eat it but that doesn't stop him. While I know it's gross I also think it's adorable that he loves eating snow that much!

  2. We have a euonymous bush outside our office building. It is now bare of all except for bright red berries. The birds gather under the bush to feast on the fallen berries. Red berries, hungry little birds, all shown to us against the cold, white landscape. Beautiful!

  3. It doesn't snow hardly ever where we live. But it does frost and ice a lot. I love seeing the ice crystals on our home and car windows, it's like little frozen captured snowflakes. So beautiful.

  4. As I opened my back door, some tiny specs of green caught my eye. Upon further investigation, my crocosmia bulbs have started to sprout! The promise of Spring with longer days, warmer weather and sunshine gives my heart a real boost!

  5. In my front yard is a Mexican Heather bush. It always perplexes me that in the coldest days of winter, even peeping through the snow, it blooms pretty little lavender flowers! I keep thinking to myself,"you should look that up and see if it's supposed to bloom in winter!" I'm sure I will some day, but meanwhile it's fun to enjoy that nice burst of color in the otherwise dead of winter!