Mar 8, 2010

getting our hands dirty

for the last few years, i have really wanted to plant a little vegetable garden.
but for the last few years, other things have pushed it aside.
new babies, other yard projects, you know how it goes...

but not this year
this is my garden year.
we started yesterday.
we took advantage of a warm afternoon,
got our hands dirty, getting the garden ready to plant.
(lucky for me i have a couple of willing little helpers...)
so excited!

here is what i want to know:
what is your favorite little thing about gardening?
what is your favorite thing to plant?


  1. I love the end result - fresh fruits and vegetables

  2. I love watching the babies I've planted grow into beautiful and fruitful plants producing flowers or vegetables. I LOVE to plant tomatoes...there's nothing like eating the very first one picked right off the vine! YUM!!!!!