Mar 2, 2010

new beginnings, part two

spring fever has really hit me this week.
i love the fresh start spring brings,
and the new beginnings that take place all around us.
flowers starting to open,
trees with their first buds,
birds in the sky,
children playing outside for the first time in months...
sweet new life.
super inspiring, don't you think?

so please share,
what is your favorite spring new beginning?

mine is my friend's new little spring baby.
perfect way to start spring.


  1. I am looking forward to the new beginning of being outside as a family. Playing in the backyard with the kids, pushing them on the swings again and playing in the sandbox. It makes us all feel like we just met eachother again, we realize that being boxed up all winter has made us just a tad bit onery with one another. We re-discover how wonderful a family is. And I can't wait for that!
    Also here are 2 pages this week on my blog...
    sorry you have to scroll down through my ramblings to get to the pages! Thanks!

  2. Breathing in the fresh outside air.. seeing the brand new bright green grass.. being able to prepare for early summer.. chilly mornings and warm afternoons.. I think pretty much everything with my excitement involves outside stuff.. ahhh the life. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by the family blog! That was awesome! =)

  3. Am I a bear or what?! I feel like I've been hibernating! One of my favorite"Spring new beginnings" is peeling off heavy winter coats and down-sizing to light jackets! It felt so good to take the kids to the park yesterday and breath in that good fresh air! I didn't even mind their muddy pants! :)

  4. New spring and summer clothes! I love it. Spring babies are the best!

  5. I think my favorite spring thing is just having the sun touch my face has been a very grey and rainy winter here in Seattle. I also love spring cleaning in a strange way....organizing the house and clearing out the debris of our lives from the previous winter...

  6. The poking out of the early spring blooms brings such promise to the warmth and sunshine to come, so much to look forward to. I love the rebirth that spring brings. It makes me believe anything is possible!

  7. One of my most favorite things about Spring is that the sun comes up earlier in the morning. I love to wake up to the light shining in through the blinds instead of waking up to the alarm and a dark winter morning!