Mar 16, 2010

tutorial: napkin rings

give your meals a 'little things' touch
with these cute napkin rings.
super easy and quick using memorymixer.

make some yourself:
(tutorial makes three napkin rings)

1. open a blank landscape page. add three long photo boxes across the top.

2. fill the photoboxes with background paper. do this by opening the background paper you'd like to use, then click 'add as an additional background'. the background will appear on the page, simply drag and drop to fill the photo box.

3. add three circles below the photo boxes using the 'add shape' tool from the 'shapes' toolbar.

4. add embellishments to the circles, and print it on out!

5. cut out the patterned strips and circles. wrap one strip around napkin and adhere. attach circle to the top. enjoy your lovely place setting!


  1. So cute and versatile too! Thank you for this great idea and tutorial!

  2. So I am trying to do this project and when I go to 'add as an additional background to my background it isn't an option, like it has on the 2nd set of instructions. I checked to see if I have the latest version and I do. What know? HELP:)