Apr 13, 2010

guest blogger: tammy

welcome, tammy! we're so excited to hear from you!

My name is Tammy, and my favorite scrapbooking inspirations are my 11 nieces and nephews and my son, Caleb, who is about to turn 1! Besides being a mommy, my main obsessions in life are serving in the small country church where my husband is the pastor, decorating, entertaining, quilting, and--of course--digital scrapbooking!

When I organize an event--whether it's for church, friends, or just my family--I'm generally on a low budget. While I can't afford to "get things done" professionally, when I create them myself with MemoryMixer, I get "wow's." I recently hosted a sort of purity retreat for the teen and young adult girls at my church. Instead of the typical 8 1/2 x 11 fill-in-the blank notes that look like you're in school, I created a half-sized booklet for the girls to tie together with pretty ribbon. I created the cover in MemoryMixer, and when they saw it, they all said things like,"Wow! This is really special!" That made it all worth it!

Part of the allure was in the paper I used--silky-feeling presentation paper that's between the weight of copy paper and card stock. I used the same emblem with their names for place tags at our "bridesmaid brunch" the following morning, and I found several of the girls slipping their name cards into their booklets. It truly is the small special touches, the little things we do to add a personal touch, that shows people we really care!

tammy, beautiful job! i love your projects and sentiments. so lovely!


  1. I think I like the name tags the best here, I agree the little touches can often make a big difference!!! Very nice Tammy :)

  2. I like that you created a half-sized booklet... =}