Apr 19, 2010

motivation monday : exercise

this morning i laced up
my bright pink running shoes,
loaded the kids in the stroller,
and was off.
it felt so good to get moving!
definitely my fav little thing of the day.

this week 'the little things' is focused on exercise,
and i am super excited to hear from all of you.

what is your favorite 'little thing' that helps you enjoy exercising?

(mine is my pink shoes and my ipod!)


  1. My favorite little thing for exercise is meeting a friend every week. We weigh in then go for a walk. Sure beats paying to weigh in and then sit through a meeting.

  2. My favorite little thing is my Wii Fit...I don't have to leave my house or schedule my time to use it! AND, it's a lot of fun to use ~ bonus!