Jul 23, 2010

digital scrapbook graphics- weekend giveaway

ready for this weekend's giveaway?
tell us:
what was your favorite little thing this week?
leave a comment by sunday at midnight mst and be entered
to win a $10 gift certificate to the memorymixer store!
random winner will be emailed monday the 26th.

* please include your email address in your comment
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  1. My favortie little thing, is when my son wakes up form his nap, and I go to pick him up, and he falls back asleep in my arms, also the sounds of his laughter when he is just playing by himself


  2. My favorite thing is taking care of our 4 1/2 year old grand daughter while waiting for our new grand daughter to be born.


  3. my favorite little thing was watching how happy my one year old was eating his watermelon. He practically inhaled it. brookebbushman at gmail dot com

  4. My favorite thing was the gathering of very dear friends...
    We all meet back in 1998 at a singles group... Over the years we dated, eventually we've all gotten married, and had children some by natural means others by fertility specialist and two of us by international adoption. As a group we've faced many challenges: infertility, miscarriages, depression, cancer, job loss, career changes, the loss of a parent, and more... But we have still remained dear friends and supported each other along the way.
    One of us lives in California and when she comes to town, about every other year, we get together and have fun. This week we got the kids together for a pool party and then we had dinner the following evening just us girls... WOW the memories made...

  5. My absolute favorite thing was that my 7 month old little girl started reaching for Mommy! Melted my heart! kellysanders161@gmail.com

  6. My favorite little thing was taking a drive with my boyfriend to run errands, just to spend some time together. It's hard to see each other during the week and when an opportunity arose just to see each other while running errands... we took it with smiles.


  7. My favorite thing this week was watching my 2 young children clap and smile while they watched the entire 24th of July parade and then fireworks. I love this time of the year!

  8. My favorite little thing is spending time with my husband with a nice dinner together. KJ jonzaz@cox.net

  9. My favortie thing is talking to my sister on the phone. She lives on the East Coast and I live on the West coast. She is my only sister. I miss her.

  10. Favorite thing from this weekend was spending a dinner out with my husband for our anniversary. We don't have much together time as we have a 3 year old!


  11. My favorite thing was being on a vacation with my extended family and seeing my sister who I haven't seen for 7 months.

  12. My favorite thing this week was waking up early with my little boy and holding him as he smiles and laughs. Nothing will make your morning better than a baby's love!

  13. My favorite 'Little Thing' this week was sitting on the tailgate, eating BBQ'd chicken overlooking Crater Lake. It couldn't get any better than that! =}


  14. My favorite "Little Thing" this week was watching Spiderman with my 2 and 3 year old boys and then watching them act out each scene. ilcampfam@msn.com

  15. My favorite little thing this week was going to the movies with my granddaughter to see Ramona and Beezus! It was so much fun hearing her laughter, watching her hide her face and to hear her say, "Oh, no Grandma, I know whats going to happen!" We spend a lot of time together reading all of the Ramona books! We both love them!

  16. My favorite little thing this week was finding out I will become a grandmother - something I have been praying for......I can't wait till Spring!!!!!