Oct 26, 2010

dressing up

this is what my little girl
has been wearing all day today.
even to the grocery and doctor's office...

up until today she hadn't quite decided on her costume.
she debated between:
a mermaid
mary poppins
a cat
a unicorn

but today, i think it's been finalized.
in her words she will be dressing up as:
'a nice witch, who shares and likes pink'
i think it's perfect.

what is your costume this year?
what about your kids? grandkids? pets?

1 comment:

  1. a costume for our pet Max....love it....will have to consider this....ummmm... will be thinking today.....I wanted to share that you daughter is adorable ! I love that she wore her hat all day long. I bet she made a lot of people smile, especially since she is a NICE witch who shares and likes pink :) LOL Happy Weekend