Nov 15, 2010

motivation monday: fall sports

fall is here and my husband is in heaven.
he talks about football...
he reads about football...
he plays a little football...
and watches a lot of football...

definitely his favorite little thing about fall.
(he is still working on convincing me it should be my favorite thing too...)

what about you,
do you like fall sports?
do you or your kids play fall sports?
what is your favorite little thing about fall sports?

capture it and put it in your little things album!


  1. No, I only like to watch sports live, unless it's the olympics. My boys love all sports though.

  2. My favorite fall sport is horseback riding. While I enjoy this sport year round, I specificly love it during fall. When the air is cool and crisp and all the leaves are changing.

  3. Football is what I live for all year round and since fall is when football starts, I start
    "really living" in fall!
    When I saw the picture of your husband reading the sports page I had to chuckle because of the headline--it was the ND win over Utah. I am a lifelong Irish fan. I started loving football going to their games and I now just love the game!