Feb 3, 2011

take time for inspiration - project preview

happy thursday everyone!
today let's chat a bit about creating your take time pages.
i have had a few questions about the project color scheme, designs, and freebies.

1. all freebies will include wordart (similar to this week's) and an embellishment(s).
2. the colors for all designs throughout the whole album for the year are gold/gray/neutrals.
pretty much what you have seen this week. super easy to build on.
3. create your pages as simply or as involved as you would like - it's your time to take time!!

here is a super clean layout created only using the weekly freebies:

here is the same layout using a variety of embellishments and backgrounds:

totally different looks, but both great.
so play around, see what you come up with.
and don't forget to post your pages in the user's gallery!

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