Feb 7, 2011

take time for organization

i did the most exciting thing on friday.
something i have been waiting a long time to finally accomplish.
something that has made me smile all weekend.

i organized my spices!!
that is right.
matching jars, alphabetical order, perfectly perfect.

there is something about organization that makes me so happy and content.
i love an organized drawer, purse, computer...
don't you?

this week take a little time for organization.
then document it with a photo and plop it in your take time album.
get going!

what will you take time for today?


  1. Oh! Organize, huh? I have got to ponder what I can organize and make pretty....

  2. I love this challenge! I'm an organizational nut, maybe even a little OCD. lol. This is perfect and I know exactly what to do for my "take time" photo album!

  3. I love your spice containers. I have new kitchen cupboards with slide out spice racks that I have struggled to find some jars that would fit. Could I ask where you found them?

  4. monica - love to see what you come up with.

    miss.meow - please share your photo and organization tips!! i need more organization inspiration.

    dixie - glad you like the jars, i love them! they are from ikea.