Mar 5, 2011

take time for you: weekly challenge

ready for this week's challenge?
this is what i want to know:
how did you take time to for winter this week?

leave a comment by sunday night at midnight mst.
bonus entry if you upload a picture or page to the gallery or facebook!
a random winner be announced monday the 7th and will win
$10 gift certificate to the memorymixer store.

happy weekend and take time to enjoy the little things!


  1. It felt more like spring this week, but ... the last days of winter mean crocus flowers and I looked outside and found all the little green heads poking up in my flowerbeds!

  2. I took time for winter this week by saying GOODBYE!! We played in the pool yesterday! supersara 85 at hotmail dot com

  3. How do you enjoy winter when the end is so near! I took some time go through all my outdoor winter clothes and donate a bunch. I also took some time to plan out my new perennial garden (so tired of planting annuals!). If that wasn't enough, I sure did have to go and battle the now again by plowing the driveway! I hope I can take time next week to finally cover and put that snowblower away for good!

  4. I have been finding myself bemoaning all that’s wrong with it still being Winter. I am so ready for Spring! However, those of us living in the Pacific Northwest know that the rain and wind and cool temperatures will most likely last far into May or June or July. And what would the Rose Parade and 4th of July be without rain? But I digress… I’ve realized that when Spring finally does get here, there will be so much to do I won’t have time to revel in some of the leisure activities Winter affords me. With that said, I’ve decided to Take Time for Winter by curling up in front of a fire with my MemoryMixer throw, a cup of special tea and a really good book! =}

    Here's a link to my Take Time for Winter page: MemoryMixer

  5. Here in Arizona with the temps being in the mid 70's, it's hard to imagine taking time for winter. Instead, we have enjoyed several trips on the Arizona mountains and taking our daughter on some of trails. She is a natural. In retrospect, we are lucky to be able to do this in "wintertime". Pretty soon the heat will be unbearable here and we will stay indoors in the AC.