Mar 22, 2011

take time to learn: q&a with albums to remember

hope you are all having a great day of exploration!
i thought instead of a tutorial today, we would take time to explore one of our fav designers:
barb, from albums to remember.
love her, right?

i had a fun q/a session with this lovely lady,
and am excited for you to get to know her!

tell me a little about your creative career...

I started digital scrapbooking a few years ago after paper scrapbooking for 11 or so years. I was one of those who said they would NEVER switch. :) My husband gave me Memory Mixer for Christmas and I never looked back! As I was creating pages I found that I could not find kits for the subjects I wanted to scrapbook or I would think to myself I wish this kit would have this or that. That is when I looked into designing. Around the same time a site was hosting a "So You Think You Can Design" type of contest so I figured why not try. I did and I made it to the third or fourth round and was hooked! I've been creating digital kits ever since. I was considering giving up designing about a year ago, but then I found Memory Mixer and I am so glad I didn't. I really love being a designer here.

I enjoy taking customer requests for kit themes. Like I said, that is part of the reason I got into designing, plus I figure if one person is looking for that theme I am sure there are several others out there that could use it too! Sometimes when I am in a creative funk it just takes a customer request to get me going again.

what is your favorite treat?

My guilty pleasure is Ice Caps from Tim Hortons (yes, I am Canadian!). If I cannot get one from Tim Horton's I will treat myself to a DQ Mocha MooLatte. I work outside the home every Friday so I manage to treat myself to one a week!

fav color?
Chocolate Brown, can't get enough of it!

fav season?
Spring because it's always great to see the greenery after a long winter and the mosquitoes aren't out yet!

what was something that made you smile today?
My friend asked me to come over on Thursday to digital scrapbook. YEAH!!

what is something you are always sure to take time for?'s a toss up between baking for friends and family - mostly family (my husband loves cookies so I try to keep my freezer full and the kids enjoy having a treat after supper) and Tuesday morning Bible Study with friends. Both are things I enjoy and love and try to make a priority.

thanks, barb! so fun to learn more about you. we love you!
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  1. I LOVE getting to know the designers! Great idea, Amy! =}

  2. Thanks Amy, I had fun answering your questions.