Mar 7, 2011

take time to listen

stop what you are doing.
close your eyes.
take a deep breath.
and take time to listen....
what little sweetnesses do you hear?

some of my audible treasures of today included:
the falling rain, my daughter's laughter, and my husband's guitar serenades.
so glad i took time to listen.

what about you?
what will you take time to listen to today?

don't forget to document it in your take time album!

1 comment:

  1. I am listening to my sweet baby boy nurse (while I type with one hand :). No one at the hospital thought he'd be able to breastfeed. Now at 9 months he is still nursing & showing us that even though he may have some special needs, he is capable, and he is strong. This sweet little sound means so much to me and represents the beginning of many victories for this special baby!