Apr 15, 2011

take time for you: weekly challenge

ready for this week's challenge?
this is what i want to know:
how did you take time to celebrate this week?

leave a comment by sunday night at midnight mst.
bonus entry if you upload a picture or page to the gallery or facebook!
a random winner be emailed monday the 18th and will win
$10 gift certificate to the memorymixer store.

happy weekend and take time to enjoy the little things!


  1. I had a dinner party at my house with 12 of my best girlfriends. KJ

  2. I celebrate in small ways... how about a nice cold Diet Pepsi and a Reese's Peanut Butter cup for making it through a crazy Friday at work.

  3. I celebrated by taking my daughter's recital pics! will post a pic on fb! :)

  4. This week I took time to celebrate by learning how to make cake pops. We are doing a Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party for her and I learned how to make cake pops that are in the shape of strawberries. And they even taste good.

  5. This week I took time to celebrate amazing friendships. I was able to have a very good chat with my best friend who lives on the other side of the country.

  6. This week I’m Taking Time to prepare to Celebrate next weekend.
    Next weekend we’ll be celebrating Mom’s 84th birthday. We’ve chosen to combine it with a traditional Easter dinner that Heather will host. It looks like all but Bob and family will be able to attend.
    I’ve made the family gift certificates for window cleaning and painting the public areas, including ceiling, of Mom’s home. These will be wrapped up as a present and given her for her birthday.
    Each family will give Mom their individual birthday card, so I’m working on making her my card. Oh yeah, I need to remember to order her cake!

    Here's a link to my page: MM: MemoryMixer