Apr 29, 2011

take time for you: weekly challenge

ready for this week's challenge?
this is what i want to know:
how did you take time to write this week?

leave a comment by sunday night at midnight mst.
bonus entry if you upload a picture or page to the gallery or facebook!
a random winner be emailed monday the 2nd and will win
$10 gift certificate to the memorymixer store.

happy weekend and take time to enjoy the little things!


  1. I took the time to catch the special moments I had with my grandchildren this past week. They do and say such cute and catchy things. Things I don't want to forget. I kept a daily journal of my visit with them.

  2. I took time to catch up by writing in my daily blessings journal. My brother got married and we were surrounded by family all week long - so we had many daily blessings to catch up on!

  3. My poor blog has been sorely neglected and this week I took time to update it. Yay.

  4. I took time to write thank you for the gifts my daughter received for her 3rd birthday. She had such a fun party and a lot of her family was there to enjoy it with her.

  5. I updated my blog and wrote a paper for one of my classes.

  6. This week’s Take Time topic struck horror in my heart.
    I don’t like to write. I’ve never liked to write. My term papers were a real drudgery for me. I don’t like my handwriting. I write uphill if there’s no benefit of lines.
    So I decided to break out my Wacom pen tablet and learn how to use it…to write. I started out doodling, which I’m not very good at, but I did progress into writing actual letters, then words.
    I still don’t care much for writing, but at least I Took Time to write, OK, play with my Wacom.