Feb 23, 2010

great dates

my very favorite little date
happens to be one that i am never invited on...
it's a very special time for just these two.
this daddy and daughter love going to the pet store, the library,
and of course, out for ice cream!

when it comes down to it,
date nights (or afternoons...even mornings!)
are really all about taking a little time to enjoy the ones we love.
a child...
a friend...
a spouse....
even yourself!

are you going on a sweet little date this week?
who is it with and what little thing do you have planned?

i'm going to get a pedicure with a friend - can't wait!


  1. Angie from Seven Clown Circus directed me to you. Favorite date: My grandfather picking me up and taking me to the rootbeer stand! Now that brings back memories!!

    Lynn Zalesny

  2. Angie from 7 clown circus sent me to and this little article is precious!!!!!

    Jill Kathan

  3. Angie from Seven Clown Circus sent me to you.

    I actually have date nights with my sister. Sometimes we bring our husbands, sometimes we don't. But it ALWAYS includes home-made dinner and a new game. We like games. A lot. :)

    What a sweet blog you have :)

  4. We live in northern Minnesota and our favorite date night after 27 years of marriage is still sitting on the beach all year 'round, with a bonfire, the dog at our feet or chasing squirrels, a yummy cocktail in hand, face to the sun...then the moon, catching up on whatever we want to talk about. Heaven!