Feb 22, 2010

motivation monday : date night

the last week of february is here...
bringing the last week of love themed posts.
it's been such a fun month, don't you think?
to wrap things up, this week is all about dates!
my husband and i try to have regular date nights.
they are usually super simple, but always just what we need!
i snapped this picture as we left out the door on saturday night.

here's what i want to know today:
what is your favorite little date night?

come back all week for a little inspiration, ideas and date night fun!


  1. Hello! I was sent by Angie at Seven Clown Circus for an extra entry in the memorymixer giveaway!! I am way behind in scrapbooking - like almost 5 yrs behind :)

    Favorite date night? I don't get many, but do have a fancy one coming up next week. So excited to get all dolled up and out of my mommy clothes!

  2. Ahhh one of my fave date nights used to be 'date night IN'.. when kids were all little. DH would bring home yummy grown up food take out style and we would put the kids to bed and go watch a movie and eat our meal 'alone'...

    I loved those days...

    Course I love these days too where I have a built in Tween babysitter! :)

  3. And here I am again! Angie at Seven Clown Circus directed me to you...shout-out to Angie!

    Favorite date night? Laying in a double hammock under the stars singing with the 'oldies' playing on the radio!

  4. just dropping in from Angie. I was telling her much I love to scrapbook but have fallen so far behind in my traditional books it is sad. I have been interested in digital SBing for a little while and would love to get some more done.

  5. Angie at Seven Clown Circus directed me to you! Hi!