Feb 14, 2010

motivation monday : weddings

i've spent the last couple weeks
attending some lovely weddings.
(one of the brides being my beautiful sis-in-law, pictured above)
always lots of fun and lots of inspiration.
i'm so excited to share pictures, ideas, and lots of
wedding little things with you this week.

here's what i want to know:
what is your favorite little thing about weddings?


  1. I just got married in August and I loved having all of my friends and family together in one place to celebrate our special day! It was absolutely perfect!

  2. I hope this doesn't sound silly. But Manicures. For my own wedding 100 years ago I grew my nails long and was so pleased with them, and then I totally forgot to get them done the week of the wedding! I think about that a lot since I have two daughters!! I VOW to take them for manicures right before the big day! :)

  3. My favorite thing about weddings is the photos. Those are priceless. My next favortie thing is the flowers. Lastly I love the little extras that you find while you are there. The look the bride gives the groom, the little laugh, the littel favors all of the little moments
    (I could not get this to post but as anonymous, I am Janea)