Mar 23, 2010

cleaning up

my favorite little thing today:

my neatly made bed always makes me happy...

and since the little things is all about spring cleaning this week,
my photo today naturally leads to

my favorite spring cleaning tip:
make your bed.
my whole house always feels cleaner when beds are tidy.

what is your favorite little cleaning tip or trick?
what is your favorite little thing today?


  1. I love spring cleaning when we go through the kids clothes and pack away the winter clothes and pull out the summer clothes. It gives me a feeling of a fresh new start and the kids are so excited about seeing clothes they haven't worn for six months. It is a feeling of freshness and that summer is around the corner.

  2. Today I watched my first tulip of the year open! It truly is the " little things" that bring the most joy!

  3. Scrub your sink every night. Wonderful to get up in the morning to a clean, sparkly sink! Kind of sets the tone for your day.

  4. I love waking up to all the dishes cleaned from the night before... now I just wish it happened more often.. :)!