Mar 22, 2010

motivation monday : spring cleaning

my little thing today:

that's right,
my pink rubber gloves.
a little something special to make my week of spring cleaning a little brighter.

anyone else spring cleaning this week?
what little thing puts a smile on your face while cleaning?

come back all week for spring cleaning ideas, inspiration, and freebies!


  1. My dd birthday party is Friday and this winter has done a number on my house so I am digging in and tackling it all... walls baseboard shampooing carpets ect. ect. ect.

  2. I pull out my Ipod and sing and clean...

  3. PS need those pink gloves, where did you get those...

  4. S - good luck getting ready for the birthday party!
    McBride's - i got my gloves at target a while back. love them!

  5. thanks I am having someone come to do the carpets tomorrow kind of a spur of the moment thing because i got a killer deal. Now I have to get everything ready by 9:00 in the morning