Mar 30, 2010

easter eats

memory mixer little things project easter inspiration candy photography eggs
i've eaten waaay too many easter treats this week....
love those robin eggs...
and chocolate eggs..
and jellybeans...
oh dear.

what is your favorite easter treat or food?
why not take a picture of it for your little things album?


  1. Well, your eggs look really yummy, but my all-time favorites have to be anything chocolate from See's Candies. Thanks for sharing with us here in the blog world and hope your Easter is wonderful. Nancy in So Cal

  2. My fav has got to be little yellow marshmallow chicks! Have a great Easter!!

    Nancy in VT

  3. Peeps left open for a few days where they harden a little bit would have to be a favorite. Happy Easter!
    KJ @

  4. mini cadbury eggs - which unfortunately - ( well maybe not so much I reall ydon't need them ) they are sold out every where!