May 9, 2010

motivation monday : motherhood

all i wanted for mother's day
was some pictures of me and my kiddos.
i'm usually the one behind the camera,
so don't have many pics including me.
so i asked for pictures
and that's what i got.
my husband snapped a few shots and
i couldn't be happier with this little thing.
a simple little reminder of the sweetness of motherhood.

and that is what we are talking about this week:
(i know mother's day is over, but let's keep it going one more week)

so today think about this:
what is your favorite little thing about motherhood?
document it and add it to your little things album

1 comment:

  1. I love being has been my dream from back when I was little. One of my favorite little things is the way Annalena snuggles into my shoulder. It's just gives me the best feeling. I too wanted a couple pictures of me with my baby girl. I have not scrapped them yet, but have posted them to my blog. Happy motherhood week!