May 4, 2010

welcome fayette

we are so excited about our HUGE mother's day giveaway this week,
and even more excited to introduce you to fayette,
one of our fav memorymixer designers,
whose mother's day kit is featured in the giveaway.

i had a fun q/a session with this lovely lady,
and am excited for you to get to know her!

tell me a little about your creative career...

I have loved creating for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I sat with my mom as she made beautiful quilts, painted ceramics, and any other project she could find. My dad was a craftsman as well, making beautiful wooden projects. They encouraged me to explore the arts...and even let me paint scenes on our big windows for the holidays.

I have designed for a variety of mediums from porcelain, resin and metal figurines, soft sculpture, counted cross stitch patterns, home decor/gift items, clip art and paper scrapbooking products. My focus is now on digital scrapbooking...and I LOVE it! I love the entire design process, and seeing what new, creative elements I can come up with in each kit.

I am inspired by many things..nature, my family and even by simple things like billboards or magazines ads and articles. There is beauty around us everywhere...and I find that inspiring!

what is your favorite treat?

Homemade cookies...almost any kind...but they must be homemade :) I wouldn't turn down a package of mini m & m's either :P

fav color?
this is constantly changing...right now I'm partial to coral, but tomorrow it might be moss green.

fav season?
I'm definitely a spring/summer person...I really hate to be this crazy Utah spring hasn't been my favorite. But was nice :)

how are you celebrating mother's day this year?
My mom passed away 18 years I'll remember her fondly as I celebrate with my family. My kids will each be here (along with six sweet little grandkids)...we'll enjoy church and a nice dinner together, then some serious playing in the backyard, weather permitting.

what is your favorite little thing about being a mom?
Right now, I love that my kids are basically grown! was way fun being a mom to young kids, but it's nice to enjoy doing things with them now that they're adults! I also love the six adorable grandkids that we have. They're definitely the reward for having raised our family :)

what was something that made you smile today?
Listening to my 2 year old grandaughter, Ambree, jabber and point out everything that was "peeeeent" (pink) as we hung up the laundry...She LOVES anything pink, and it's hilarious how observant she is about that color!


  1. LOVE getting to see and know a little bit about the designers! Thank you! =}

  2. I love all the 'little things' about Fayette! Peeent is my fave color too somedays! :)

  3. Fayette is one of my favorite designers! She and Annette (The other ETte) do the most up to date styles and designs out there.

  4. I LOVE everything that Fayette does, and have grown my collection of "stuff a LOT since she started desinging for MM!!