Mar 11, 2011

take time for you: weekly challenge

ready for this week's challenge?
this is what i want to know:
how did you take time to listen this week?

leave a comment by sunday night at midnight mst.
bonus entry if you upload a picture or page to the gallery or facebook!
a random winner be announced monday the 14th and will win
$10 gift certificate to the memorymixer store.

happy weekend and take time to enjoy the little things!


  1. I took a long walk in the preserve behind our house and listened to the silence. It was so peaceful and there was a beautiful sunset to enjoy. KJ in Arizona

  2. KJ, you took the words right from me. I too enjoyed the silence while at the Desert Botanical Gardens here in Phoenix. With a toddler in the house, there is constant noise. (It's good noise) But it was nice to enjoy the butterfly exhibit and take in the sounds of silence. Page to post in gallery. Not sure how to link it.

  3. This week I took time to just sit and relax and listen to some new music that I had received for my birthday last week. It was great to just sit and take in the words of the music without any other distractions.

  4. I am not a morning person. However, I’m finding myself setting the alarm about a half hour earlier than needed, to listen to my world waking up. I listen for the rain that could be beating on my roof, or the eerie quiet that fog brings. I listen for the speed of the traffic on the road; fast or slow, dry pavement or snow? I listen for the length of time and how often my heater or air conditioner runs; hot or cold outside? I listen to the lonely train whistle, and the airplane winging it’s way to places unknown. But the sound that brings the most joy is the toddler next door calling out to her daddy to come pick her up to start her day.

    Here's a link to my Take Time page: MemoryMixer

  5. This week I took time to listen to my little boy. He has been so afraid of everything at bedtime, so I sat down and listened to him. It was amazing how much progress we made me just taking the time to listen to him and his fears! He slept much better after that!

  6. I went to my daughter's K-4 class and listened to the kids tell me jokes. They weren't very good or even made any sense, but they sure had a good time telling them to me. Lots and lots of laughing and smiling going on.

  7. I listened to just listen to my husband. No running commentary, no should haves and none of my opinions. Just listened.

  8. I took time to just get on the floor and play with my kids. You really connect with them when you take the time to just be there for them and enjoy what they like doing.