Mar 25, 2011

take time for you: weekly challenge

ready for this week's challenge?
this is what i want to know:
how did you take time to explore this week?

leave a comment by sunday night at midnight mst.
bonus entry if you upload a picture or page to the gallery or facebook!
a random winner be announced monday the 28th and will win
$10 gift certificate to the memorymixer store.

happy weekend and take time to enjoy the little things!


  1. I will be taking time to explore on my sunny vacation to the Dominican Republic this Saturday! Hope to catch lots of memories on film! Promise me snow you will all be melted by the time I get back! Deal.

  2. This week my husband and I took our daughter on a new hiking trail that we had never done before. The desert landscape is simply stunning in Spring Time and our daughter is turning out to be quite the little hiker.

  3. There is a spring training game at the Surprise Stadium tonight, my girls and I are headed over there to explore and hopefully watch some fireworks.

  4. I took my boys and we explored the zoo together. It was the first time for my two year old. It is excellent to see a zoo through the eyes of a 2 year old!

  5. I took time to explore arizona with family from california. It was great to see family I haven't seen in a while. KJ

  6. I was stumped about what to Take Time to Explore this week. The weather didn’t warrant physical exploration, and I wasn’t into mental exploration. By happenstance, I was poking around an internet site recommended to me which intrigued me enough to Take Time to explore Adobe Photoshop. I’ve had this program, and have let it sit neglected.

    I use overlays in my digi scrapbooking, but can’t seem to find ‘just the right one’. With the help of this really great book and Adobe Photoshop, I think I’m on my way to creating the overlays of my dreams, just by Taking Time to Explore.

    Here's a link to my Take Time to Explore page: MemoryMixer