Mar 28, 2011

take time giveaway winner!

this week's giveaway winner is:


here is how she took time to explore (and her page):

I was stumped about what to Take Time to Explore this week. The weather didn’t warrant physical exploration, and I wasn’t into mental exploration. By happenstance, I was poking around an internet site recommended to me which intrigued me enough to Take Time to explore Adobe Photoshop. I’ve had this program, and have let it sit neglected.

I use overlays in my digi scrapbooking, but can’t seem to find ‘just the right one’. With the help of this really great book and Adobe Photoshop, I think I’m on my way to creating the overlays of my dreams, just by Taking Time to Explore.

email me at and i will send you your gift certificate!

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  1. Thank You, Amy for this wonderful project! =}