Apr 6, 2010

guest blogger : bevany

this week 'the little things' is featuring guest posts from some great memorymixer users.
fun, right? i think so. and i am so excited to learn from all of you!
we are starting off with bevany and her memorymixer card ideas

Greeting cards aren't just for Christmas time at our house.
We try to get one out for most holidays.
Memory Mixer makes it easy to create a photo card using either just the basic elements or including pictures of your kids. It's a fun way to use some of the many pictures you take. Plus grandma and grandpa can always use more pictures, right?
A little tip:
Use the guide to make sure nothing gets cut off when you print your card.

a couple of bevany's lovely cards:

thanks for sharing, bevany! i love the idea of sending out a card for holidays other than christmas. and such cute card ideas!


  1. Thanks, Bevany, for reminding me that it's fun to receive specially made cards for days other than birthdays, and that Memory Mixer makes it really easy to custom make those cards! =}

  2. FABULOUS valentines card! I love it!

  3. Making cards in Memory Mixer is the best! Cute Cards Bevany. What font did you use for the names in the "Happy day...we <3 u!" ?

  4. Cute! I love doing non-scrapbook and non-picture projects in Memory Mixer too! Your ideas are adorable!

  5. Britt- It's an alphabet from a digital kit I downloaded.
    Thanks for the compliments :)

  6. Which guide size did you use for the card? A2?

  7. It depends on what size you want to print it out. I did mine 4x6 so I used the 4x6 guide. But you can use the 5x7 guide if you want to print it bigger.