Apr 5, 2010

motivation monday: looking for the best

today was not my day.
more snow...
sick kids...
broken computer...
(cross your fingers it can be fixed quickly -
and that all my pictures will be recovered!)

but i did manage to find a few little things that made me smile:
leftover easter candy
a new cucumber candle
and a phone call from a friend.

that is what it is all about -
looking for the best on days that are not.

come back all week for surprise guest posts!


  1. Cheers and hugs m'dear! The photos.. oh please oh please!! I once thought we lost everything on my laptop... after that.. bought a giant external drive JUST FOR PHOTOS!! :) It will work out.. keep chanting... :)

  2. Wishing you good thoughts on the recovery of your photos....losing mine is my worst nightmare! I'm so paranoid about losing the photos of my trip to Europe that I even saved the memory cards with the trip memorabilia, and bought new ones to use!